CG150/175/200/250 水冷

Applicable Models/

Three wheel series






Piston Special piston for water cool engine, bigger work

space and engine compression ratio, raised engine

power output. use micro-arc oxidation treatment for

piston head, extend piston uselife.

Clutch Imported FCC friction plates, make it more wear-

resisting, extend clutch uselife.

Unique disc-and-wiper design Right crank use unique disc-and-wiper design,

effective deposition of impurities, cleaner oil which

will into the crankshaft needle and piston, to make

crankshaft and piston moredurable.

Cleaning type fine filter design Special right cover for water cool, use special cleaning

repeated used fine filter design, steel mesh, more

convenient for cleaning, oil more cleaner.

Imported crankshaft needle Crankshaft roller using imported materials, enhanced

the needle strength. extend parts uselife.

Cylinder Special alloy cast iron cylinder liner for water cooled,

higher duranble, the cylinder body use platform netted

technology, so that the formation of oil film is more

easiler, Improved lubrication foe cylinder, piston and

piston ring, improved parts reliability.

Special oil pump for water cool Special steel oil pump gear, improves oil pump gear

high temperature resistance and oil resistance, engine

lubrication more stable.




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