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Curved girder vehicle




Balance shaft design, little engine vibration,Steady speed , the vibration is less than

same displacement engine obviously.

Fuel injection nozzle lubricating and cooling piston for crankcase designed, it can be

control the piston temperature effectively, maintain the stable engine performance, and

improve the using life of engine observably.

Setting ideal combustion-chamber shape and inlet shape, which makes higher air intake

efficiency , realized effective combustion for rarefied mixture gas,good performance in

medium low speed, more powerful in riding and reduce fuel consumption.

Lower engine cost, it is a little higher than traditional horizontal 125cc, but have more

cost advantage than YB110, more cost-effective Absolutely.

Timing chain tension of engine is adopting traditional mature rubber wheel

structure,reduce the sound of engine timing chain effectively.

Electric start is using oil bath gear transmission, which makes the electric start better and

more reliable.

External oil filter screen,more convenient and have nothing to worry about washing.

When you are washing the oil filter screen, it is only need to remove oil drain cover under

the right crankcase , instead of the trouble to detach right crankcase cover.

Compared with traditional horizontal 125cc, transmission system, clutch and gearshift

mechanism etc are same, realized commonality and versatility for spare parts,borrowing

spare parts up to 85%. Compared with YB110, the framework is more simple, more

convenient for after sale service and maintenance.

The suspension is same as traditional horizontal 125cc engine, suitable for assemblage

of cub vehicle which is mass launching currently, no need to modify frame of motorcycle.



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