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Curved girder vehicle




with balance shaft design, engine vibration, smooth rotation speed, the vibration was

significantly less than the same displacement engine.

Box design jet nozzle piston, the piston can effectively control the temperature, to

maintain a stable engine performance, significantly improved engine life.

Set the ideal shape of the combustion chamber and the intake port shape makes more

efficient air intake, to achieve the lean mixture combustion gases in an effective, low-

speed performance, ride more powerful, and reduce fuel consumption.

The low cost of the engine, the engine is slightly higher than the traditional 125 lying, but

biyamaha yb110 cost advantage is definitely more cost-effective.

Engine timing chain tensioning mechanism using the traditional mature rubber wheel

structure, effectively reduce engine noise timing chain.

Electric start using an oil bath gear transmission, electric start the engine is good, more

reliable start

External oil filter, cleaning more convenient and worry. When cleaning the filter simply

remove the bottom of the right crankcase cover to put the oil, replacing the traditional

horizontal engine when cleaning the filter to be demolished right crankcase cover of


The same, lying 125 compared with the traditional, transmission, clutch, gear and

traditional institutions, lying 125, realized through borrowing of parts, components borrow

up to 85%. Compared with yb110, its structure is more simple, after-sales market, easy


Engine suspension with conventional lie 125 for bending beam cars now assembled

mass market, no longer need to change the frame.



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