Chongqing YinXiang Motorcycle (Group) Co.
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  Chongqing YinXiang Motorcycle (Group) Co., Ltd was founded in 1997,it’s a large-scale comprehensive industrial group with 12 subsidiary companies, specializing in real estate and research, development, manufacturing and sales of motorcycles, gasoline engines and general-purpose engines and equipments.

In 2002, YINXIANG group set up a joint venture company with HYOSUNG motors & machine Inc Korea, as Chongqing Hyosung Motorcycle Corporation Limited, imports new motorcycle models and technologies of manufacturing from Korea.

In 2007, Chongqing KOHLER YinXiang Ltd. was established. The joint venture company will provide an increased global presence in the worldwide small gasoline engine market with high quality and cost effective engine products.

In 2015,YINXIANG motorcycle moved to new YINXIANG CITY which has been built since 2011,including automobile,motorcycle, real estate and so on. YINXIANG motorcycle occupy 1800 acreages, has capability to produce 1.5 million entire motorcycles, 3 million engines and gasoline engines each year . There are over 100 types of motorcycle models, the products’ displacement range from 35CC-650CC. The company owns more than 170 sets of domestic advanced motorcycle inspection device, and 184 patents

Yinxiang Group has passed ISO9001 (2000) and ISO 14001 verification, national 3C verification, the American EPA verification, EEC certification.In order to realize it’s strategic gmarketing golbalization, the group has established many over-seas subsidiaries such as in Vietnam and Africa, As a result, it has been playing a leading role in China’s motorcycle export in recent years.The Group has been put on the list of top 50 industrial enterprises of Chongqing. Also awarded the title of one of the top 15 exporting enterprises in Chongqing.

Yinxiang Group inherits the enterprise objective of 'creating Yinxiang value with quality, shaping the brand future with credit', and sticks to the 'people-oriented' corporate culture to think for consumers, achieve diverse development, innovate with passion, think scientifically and reasonably, sacrifice bravely, and also sticks to the constant improving development spirit, and strives to achieve the magnificent goal of becoming a world first class enterprise.

Chongqing Yinxiang Hyosung General Power Machinery Company L

address:Chongqing Hechuan District, Silver Cheung Road Town Dump 55



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