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Racing Oil Cooling Technology Adopt oil cooling technology, reduce the

heating load of engine,and lengthen the

life of engine.

Start Method It could be started on any gear, convenient,

fast and flexible.

Piston Comp Lightweight piston, high-abrasive material

on surface, thin piston ring,to reduce

the inertia and abrasion of up-and-down

motion, and to improve the output power

of engine and its’ working life.

Strong Acceleration Performance Adopt racing technology to optimal design

for crankshaft, piston,camshaft, clutch,

and magneto etc. Improving the explosive

of engine.

Magneto Light weight rare earth magneto ,Never

demagnetizing makes the working life longer.

Increase Cleaning Type Fine Filter Structure Adopt twice filtration technique, reduce

the impurity of lubricant, lengthen the life

of engine. More convenient for washing.

Clutch Driven gear of clutch adopt strengthen alloy

material gear, Cushion rubber cover adopt

special heat resistant rubber materials,

Technology Advantage

resistance to impact is more stronger and

lengthen the working life of engine.

Starting Shaft Enhance starting shaft, higher intensity,

and more safety.

Cylinder block Adopt ceramic plating cylinder block to reduce

the abrasion, lengthen the working life.



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