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High speed and high-performance engine designed for dirt bike and high speed sport

model, 21kw strong driving force and 27n.M high torque.

Water cooling design ensures the stability of engine power, and extends its durability.

Bearing driving type valve rocker reduced the abrasion between rock-arm and camshaft,

extends engine life.

Built-in balance-shaft reduced engine vibration, provides comfortable riding.

Clutch with wider multiple friction plates enhanced its capacity, and ensures longer

engine life.

Starting shaft is located at top-right side of engine, ensures convenient use of kick start,

and leaves more room for footrest and brake design.

New type pressure-reduction system is used to reduce the pressure of engine while

starting, makes electric start and kick start more comfortable and reliable.

Fully considered the special using circumstance of match race, this engine used stronger

suspension type, ensured reliable performance.

Different gears and different speed-ratio gear-shift gear tooth are used which apply to

different using circumstances of racing bike, off-road and atv. More reasonable Speed-

ratio settings, more professional design.



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